Student Loan Lawyer

What Does A Student Loan Lawyer Do?

Your Los Angeles or Ventura student loan lawyer (me) will help you deal with your loan if you’re delinquent, if you’re in  default, if you’ve been sued on your student loan, or even if your student loan payments are just too high.

I will counsel you about all of the  federal and state laws that will save you from harassment posed by collection agencies and lenders. I’ll SUE the collection agencies, if we’ve got a good case for you.

As your student loan attorney,  I make it my business to  be on top of the student loan laws, to know all of the cutting-edge student loan litigation and rehabilitation strategies, and to help you find the correct solution FOR YOU.

Some solutions that I  may recommend to help with your student loan management are:

  • Forbearance and deferment
  • Cancellation and elimination of all payments
  • Income-based repayment options/affordable payment rights
  • Rehabilitation of defaulted student loans (it features a possibility of a significant betterment of your credit score)
  • Student debt consolidation (federal loans are not allowed to be consolidated with private ones)
  • Federal discharge
  • Filing bankruptcy
  • Student loan forgiveness

While it’s true that you can’t generally eliminate student loans when you are filing for bankruptcy,  you can get them discharged if you can prove that paying the money back is a serious difficulty for you. We will discuss this. We will also discuss ways to;

  • Lower student loan payments
  • Fight student loan lawsuits
  • Handle student loan harassment in collections
  • Rehabilitate student loans that are delinquent or in default
  • Use bankruptcy to make your student loan affordable – for YEARS.

You need to call me – Student Loan Lawyer Eric Ridley – right now for your free consultation.

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