Ten Ways to Screw up Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  1. Not consulting with an experienced Ventura bankruptcy lawyer or attorney prior to filing
  2.  Filing bankruptcy when you don’t need to – and using your bankruptcy discharge too early
  3. Selling assets that you would not lose if you filed bankruptcy
  4. Refinancing your house so you can’t afford it in a few years,
  5. Taking a loan against your 401(k),
  6. Using your credit cards for cash advances or balance transfers within a few months of needing to file bankruptcy,
  7. Taking out payday loans,
  8. Trying to file bankruptcy in Ventura County yourself,
  9. Selling your car
  10. Using your credit cards for vacations and electronics just before filing for bankruptcy.

Please – call me early. I won’t pressure you, and can often give you advice that will save you thousands of $$.