Chapter 13 Timeline

This is a general and approximate timeline for your Ventura, Santa Clarita, Oxnard or Port Hueneme Bankruptcy. Each and every case will be different depending upon your individual situation. Some cases may take less time and others may take more time. To get a more definitive timeline, review the contract you sign with Ventura Bankruptcy Attorney Eric Ridley at the time of your free initial consultation.

Free Initial Consultation

  • Call me for a Free Initial Consultation
  • Sign a retainer with Santa Clarita Bankruptcy Attorney Eric Ridley (me!)
  • Develop an Easy Payment Plan with Oxnard Bankruptcy Attorney Eric Ridley

14 Days After Free Initial Consultation – You Submit Paperwork and Complete Credit Counseling

  • Submit paperwork to Port Hueneme Bankruptcy Attorney Eric Ridley
  • Complete the mandatory court approved Credit Counseling course and provide the certificate to me

21 Days After Free Initial Consultation – We Finalize Your Paperwork

  • I prepare your paperwork and work with you to answer all of your questions
  • Schedule signing appointment with me

22 Days After Free Initial Consultation – Bankruptcy Signing Appointment

  • We meet and sign your documents, or you can sign them online, from homw

23 Days After Free Initial Consultation – Bankruptcy Filing

  • I file your bankruptcy with the Court
  • You make payments as outlined in your Chapter 13 Plan to the Trustee
  • You make direct payments as outlined in Chapter 13 Plan, for example, homeowners association dues, property taxes not escrowed in your mortgage payments, etc.

24 Days After Free Initial Consultation – Complete Financial Management Course

  • After the filing of your bankruptcy, you are required to complete a Financial Management course and provide a completion certificate to me.

33 Days After Initial Consultation – First Payment Sent to the Chapter 13 Trustee

  • First payment should be mailed to the Chapter 13 Trustee

53 Days After Free Initial Consultation – Attend Creditors’ Meeting

  • Attend Creditors Meeting with Attorney Eric Ridley. Your second payment to the Chapter 13 Trustee is due.

3-5 Years After Filing for Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy Completed

  • Receive a Discharge and Final Decree from the Court

Your Fresh Financial Start Begins Now