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  • Are you sick of debt collectors calling you day and night?
  • Have you been served with a repossession?
  • Student Loan Payments Getting Out of Control?
  • Sued By a Student Loan Company?

You need to call Ventura Bankruptcy Attorney, Student Loan Lawyer & Consumer Protection Attorney Eric Ridley now at (805) 244-5291. Immediate, free, phone consultations, days, nights & weekends. You will always talk to the attorney, never to a secretary.

You may wish to consider bankruptcy as a way to deal with your problems.

I am a Ventura, CA Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection Attorney who loves practicing consumer bankruptcy and consumer rights law. I realize that bankruptcy and consumer rights are two of the few areas of law that produce advantages for both the client and me.

My goal is not to “deal with” a bankruptcy and never see my client again, but is instead to be your lawyer permanently, long after your financial concerns are a vague memory. I continue to be in contact with my clients after their lawsuit or bankruptcy. This is also why I am the only attorney in Ventura County to pay for a 100 % legal, 100 % ethical credit rehabilitation and education course for every one of my bankruptcy and collection agency defense clients who has credit concerns.

My client benefits because I am able to help get rid of collection agency phone calls, and the debt that is strangling you. I benefit by knowing that I rendered my client the best possible representation without having to compromise my values, which is simply not true for many other areas of legal practice.

I Operate a ‘No-BS’ Bankruptcy and Consumer Rights Practice
After spending time with me, most clients see that I am a ‘no BS’ lawyer, and that I will give you the best possible advice for your individual circumstances. If you do not need to file, I will explain to you why I would not file your case, and I will literally try to talk you out of filing. Really.

At the end of the day, I enjoy a huge sense of accomplishment because I know that I’m able to help my clients get relief from not only their debt worries, but also from disagreeable creditor phone calls, from the unpleasant feeling in your stomach every single night and as soon as you wake up, and all day long. I will demonstrate to you the road map to find independence from unserviceable debt immediately after we get our minds¬†around your financial problems.

“Will I Have Credit Following Bankruptcy?”.

Yes, you will get credit after your bankruptcy. I am the only bankruptcy attorney in Ventura County who offers a FICO credit score instruction program to all my clients at no charge to the client.

You need to call me – Ventura, CA Bankruptcy Attorney Eric Ridley– at -805- 244-5291, or e-mail at [email protected] now, for your completely free, no-pressure consultation.

Bankruptcy Information and facts from Ventura Bankruptcy Lawyer Eric Ridley.

Bankruptcy law lets you discharge all, or a good part, of your indebtedness. If you’re hesitant, frightened, or feel embarrassed about looking into filing for bankruptcy– please don’t worry. The majority of my clients are concerned about whether Bankruptcy is a proper or moral way to solve their problems.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Ventura.
Good News About Bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy laws are written to furnish individuals like you– regular people– a clean slate without the need to stress over creditors calling, about being sued, or about what will occur in the future.

To start with, we’ll need to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for you. First, take a look through the sizable amount of free bankruptcy information here on my Ventura Bankruptcy web site. This should help you get started.

Then, once you have checked out all you really want to absorb regarding bankruptcy, you will have more questions than answers, I assure you. Please call me; as your confidential bankruptcy legal representative, I will take all the time we need to take, to clarify the procedure to you, to answer every one of your questions, and to offer you an unbiased, honest analysis of your situation.

My goal is not ever to “process” a bankruptcy and never see the client again, but is instead to be your counsellor permanently, long after your personal economic matters have become a vague memory. I keep in contact with my clients after their litigation or bankruptcy. I am the only bankruptcy lawyer in Ventura County who furnishes a FICO credit score guidance system to all of my clients at no charge to the client. Most of my clients are worried about whether Bankruptcy is an ethical or moral way to solve their problems.

Have a glance through the large quantity of free bankruptcy  information here on my Ventura Bankruptcy website.



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